About Me Married to my supportive wife Susan. We live in Tequesta, Florida. We have 5 kids and  7  grandchildren, at the moment. My Background Born in Wales, GB and raised till the age of 10 in England. My family immigrated to Canada where I was educated at the H.B. Beal Art school in London, Ont. Canada In 1968 I immigrated to Florida from Canada Winner of the Govenors Award in 1972 by the American Advertising Association. I first worked for Bob Rey Advertising as the Art Director, In 1969 started my own firm Royce Emley Advertising. In 1974 was hired by the National Enquirer as the Promotion Director. In 1978 was put on contract by the Enquirer and the New York Times to do special promotion Events at conventions. During this period I also continued  working with clients like Trump Plaza, Florida Public Utilities, Banks and condo developers. In 1997 I got ill and was hospitalized . My recovery took a year and when I recovered  I started driving a limo. That led to writing a book called “Pearls from the Back Seat of a Palm Beach Limo”.....The only book I have yet published is...The Town Of Rhyme” Royce Emley   Home: (561) 746-5737 Cell: (561) 309-4540 Email: roycee@bellsouth.net Address: 4915 Caribbean Ct. Tequesta, FL 33469 © Royce Emley 2010 Made with Xara . i